It’s here! El Oraculo Ultimo!

We launched the IndieGoGo campaign to translate the Ultimate Oracle into Spanish.  We’re so thrilled to be able to offer this to the Spanish-speaking community as a tool for self-knowledge and guidance.  Please check out the link below, and consider donating whatever you can.  While we do have some great “perks” for certain dollar amounts, you are by no means limited to those amounts.

New eBook to Support the Oracle!

Cover for Setting Up Your Psychic Practice

eBook released July 12, 2012

When we started teaching workshops and giving presentations about the Ultimate Oracle, we noticed that people were less interested in the deck, and more interested in how to do readings for other people, how much to charge, what to have in their office, and what to charge.

So, we sat down and in the space of a few months, we created this book, currently available on and shortly available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Apple ebook sites (it takes a little time to post to all of those sites – stay tuned!)

You can get quite a bit as a sample from the Smashwords site, but here’s an excerpt from farther along in the book, and one of our favorite parts:

“The Reader’s Matrix

We call it “The Physics of Readings” – the complicated relationship between a number of different factors that go into a reading. Clients and others ask the following questions all the time: But what if I’d picked a different card? What if I came back tomorrow? What if I had come yesterday? What if I went to someone else?

The answer to all of them is the same: it depends on the following factors.

You (the Reader)
Your energy, karma, talent, feelings and experience. You can only perceive a small window into what’s going on.

The Client
His or her energy, karma, understanding, mental & emotional state, previous choices and actions.

The Tool of Focus
Cards, numbers, runes, astrology, pendulum, or yourself.

The Question/Issue at hand
What the client is asking about, or what the Universe wants him or her to know.

The Timing
The answer today may well be different than the answer tomorrow or the answer yesterday. Every moment, everyone makes a choice, and those choices ripple out into the world and have an effect on everything else.”

Check out Smashwords, and have fun! May your practice prosper!

First Workshop and Pantheacon

Sue and Michael at the First Ultimate Oracle Workshop

Sue and Michael at the 1st Ultimate Oracle Workshop


Sue and Michael at Pantheacon 2012

Sue and Michael at Pantheacon 2012

We had a lot of fun this month, with lots of 3’s in the mix: 3 people attended our first ever Ultimate Oracle Workshop, and we sold 3 decks at Pantheacon 2012 in San Jose.

We are planning our next workshop in May, at East West Bookstore – stay tuned for more information!

Official Launch – Jan 5, 2012 East West Bookstore

We had the official launch of the Ultimate Oracle Thursday night.  22 people attended, and everyone had a great time!  We (Michael & Sue) want to thank everyone who helped, including the great East West staff!

Sue and Michael show off the Ultimate Oracle Collector's Edition

We had some great pictures taken, but unfortunately we forgot to press the start button on the video camera, so no video!

Product Display at East West

Look at all the decks!


We did demo readings for a few people in the audience, which were really well received.

Sue and Michael respond to the audience

Sue and Michael respond to one of the audience members

The Packing Party

We had a great time at the Ultimate Oracle packing party last night.  We attached labels to pouches, then put Guidebooks and decks into pouches, which sounds really boring just described like that.  But as you can see, it wasn’t!

Teresa, Ingrid, Peter & Beth help out!

After we had put together dozens of decks, Michael & Sue signed cards for the Collector’s Edition.  Michael did calligraphy on a couple of them, making them truly special!

Michael & Sue Signing Collector's Cards

Sue & Michael sign cards

Friday was the delivery date…

The cards will be here on Monday, due to weather.  It looks like the labels will be delayed due to weather as well.  The guidebooks seem to have made it out on the road, and will be here by Thursday.

However, we will still have a Deck Stuffing party this coming Tuesday, December 13, and celebrate the wonderful birth of a new product!

The card for the day is Water: keeping fluid, going with the flow, keeping our heads above it, floating…


Why do we resist change?

Change is an inevitable part of life: every cell in your body is changing right now; every breath you take gets converted to energy for you to blink and talk and do all those things you do so well.

Change allows something new and different to come into your life, that you can’t have if you don’t change.  “New and different” does not always mean “new and improved.”  However, you can’t get the “improved” version without change.

Change doesn’t have to be big – take small steps and see what happens.

Birch Leaves in early autumn

Changing Leaves

(The card of the day, by the way is “Potential”)