The Packing Party

We had a great time at the Ultimate Oracle packing party last night.  We attached labels to pouches, then put Guidebooks and decks into pouches, which sounds really boring just described like that.  But as you can see, it wasn’t!

Teresa, Ingrid, Peter & Beth help out!

After we had put together dozens of decks, Michael & Sue signed cards for the Collector’s Edition.  Michael did calligraphy on a couple of them, making them truly special!

Michael & Sue Signing Collector's Cards

Sue & Michael sign cards

Friday was the delivery date…

The cards will be here on Monday, due to weather.  It looks like the labels will be delayed due to weather as well.  The guidebooks seem to have made it out on the road, and will be here by Thursday.

However, we will still have a Deck Stuffing party this coming Tuesday, December 13, and celebrate the wonderful birth of a new product!

The card for the day is Water: keeping fluid, going with the flow, keeping our heads above it, floating…