Why do we resist change?

Change is an inevitable part of life: every cell in your body is changing right now; every breath you take gets converted to energy for you to blink and talk and do all those things you do so well.

Change allows something new and different to come into your life, that you can’t have if you don’t change.  “New and different” does not always mean “new and improved.”  However, you can’t get the “improved” version without change.

Change doesn’t have to be big – take small steps and see what happens.

Birch Leaves in early autumn

Changing Leaves

(The card of the day, by the way is “Potential”)

We’re about to go to press!

At long last (2 months can seem like forever, can’t it?), we’re about to send in our order for the cards to be printed. We’ve finalized the names of the cards, and we’re still working on the guidebook. So, the lead time we’ve been given is +/- 14 days after proof approval. If we send approval on Monday, we should get the decks in time for Thanksgiving!
We have the pouches out for evaluation by an embroidery company to see if the material will stand up to it, or if we have to create patches. The pouches are beautiful – silver material, with plenty of room for the deck, the guidebook, and just about anything else!