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“Two sorts of truth: trivialities, where opposites are obviously absurd, and profound truths, recognized by the fact that the opposite is also a profound truth”
– Nils Bohr, a Jewish Danish Physicist, received the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1922 for his contributions, which were essential to modern understandings of atomic structure and quantum mechanics.

We have created the Ultimate Oracle deck to be a guide, with simple words, to your life.

Since Life is duality, this deck depicts the opposites and differences of life that everyone encounters; it can help you to discern and distinguish the commonalities that exist in those differences. Sometimes people get confused about what choices to make; sometimes people seek clarity about a situation; sometimes, people just want to know what’s up.

Why Ultimate? Neither of us is shy, first of all. Second, it was channeled during a very intense session – we were told to describe it this way. We take full responsibility for delivering the message; we have the boot marks on our backs to prove it!

This is a deck of observations, insights, and possibilities. It is NOT a deck of judgment, prophecy, or of telling you what to do. You were born with free will; we strongly encourage you to use it.

The Ultimate Oracle was born on August 30, when Michael and Sue started talking about a couple of new Tarot decks that Sue had acquired over the weekend at the Bay Area Tarot Symposium (BATS).  One of the decks was the Tarot of Physics by Dan Horn .  At BATS, Dan had talked about Einstein’s most famous equation, and a possible extension to it.  Instead of E=MC2, it was EC=MC3 (adding the same item to either side of the equation in algebra is perfectly legal).

The new equation translates as: Energy times Time equals Mass (or Matter) times Space.

4 thoughts on “About the Ultimate Oracle

  1. Using these cards has really deepened my practice and the services I’m providing to clients. As both a psychologist and an intuitive, I’m finding these cards to be very valuable in illuminating what is really happening with clients. They’ve become an integral part of my practice and I start every session using them. Thanks for a great deck.

    • Thank you, Jennifer! We’ve been getting some good feedback from practitioners using the decks with their clients, as well as individuals accessing the Ultimate Oracle for themselves. Keep us updated!

  2. This deck has been a true blessing in this time of change and transition. It has helped to bring to light the root of what is happening in life. Thank you for this great tool.

  3. I love the simplicity and the elegance of the Ultimate Oracle. I just felt compelled to buy a deck just to play with it creative ways. It is such an exciting time now!
    Blessings to you,

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